Martin Rosenbaum has specialised in producing learning materials for teachers, pupils and adults as well as producing programmes for broadcast television. Past productions include:

• A range of videos to support teachers’ work with the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategy in English. Produced for the CfBT

• Videos to support the Teaching Through Dialogue project initiated by the QCA, National Literacy Strategy and the DfES. Produced for the QCA

• A video to help teachers develop strategies for teaching Speaking. Listening and Drama. Produced for the QCA


Boys Can Do Better - two programmes for the BBC Learning Zone to help teachers identify reasons for boys’ low performance and offering strategies for improvement. Produced for the Basic Skills Agency

• Exemplification of Standards in English Speaking and Listening at Key Stages 1 – 4. Produced for QCA (SCAA)

• Videos for core skill assessors. Produced for NCVQ

IT in English - a programme to encourage teachers to use IT in English classes. Produced for NCET and shown on Channel 4 Schools


• A series of programmes to support teaching in English as a second language. Produced for NFER